Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spirit Beast

A friend of mine recently started playing a Hunter in World of Warcraft. In a few short weeks he's pretty much become the hunter expert of our group (No John, Fleas is still 60), and has the coolest stories about the different beasts that he has tamed. There was one though, coveted by many a hunter for it's rarity and badass-ness.

The Spirit Beast, Loque'nahak. This extremely hard to find pet is the goal for many a Master of Beasts, and my friend tamed it.

So, to congratulate him (and his now growing collection of Spirit Beasts) here's a drawing of Virgil, the name he gave to his own Spirit Beast.

And here are the inks, in case anyone's interested in seeing the difference that touching up makes :P And finally, a wallpaper version. In widescreen though :P

For all you Hunters out there take heart and good hunting!

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Dakona said...

Pictures are beautiful. Good work!