Sunday, January 9, 2011

More like Axo"lol"tl

Been working on the next Codex entry, (my god has been seven months since the last one?) which concerns bird people. Or, since they don't have wings, as my sister pointed out, beak people.

Here's a sketch I did of one riding an Axolotl-type creature. Had a serious "ohmahgawsh" moment this morning when I realised that I had created a nomadic people...with no mount in mind.

Sure, you have some nomads who just wander on foot like the Native Americans, but the majority tend to have some sort of pastoral relationship with animals. Hence, the Sandwalkers (or Kaz'adir in the tongue of the beak people).

Edit: I should have mentioned, Native Americans before the introduction of Horses by the Spanish.

So once I have a bit more written, I'll make another codex entry. Believe it!

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