Friday, June 12, 2009

I sold my soul for the second time

I had a pretty long day yesterday. The Oceanic people called me after what seemed ages (i think it's been a month or two...time is relative when you're funemployed) and i went and done some honest work for them. Sometimes i surprise myself with the stuff i can churn out when required. I got given this brochure to make and it was almost 5. I panicked, i mean, come on man 5 is beer o'clock! 

I managed to finish it in like an hour, and it looked pretty cool. 

Anyway, i think i might be having one of those quarter life crises. It's kinda snuck up on me, but lately i've been caught myself thinking, what the hell am i doing? you know? Then i usually shrug it off. Last night it got a bit harder to do so :P 

I mean, I've done pretty cool things with my life so far, but I'm not in a position where i can say, this is my life and i'm in complete control of it. I'll be fine, give me a minute, but i can't get a life if my heart's not in it. 
Oh, and more Bearly There is the pictures. Yes, i did just draw giant teddy bears killing little rabbit things. I remember giggling while pencilling it too. 

Conversation of the Night: 

John: She really wanted me to meet her boyfriend.

Albie: Man, that sucks. Do you think you could take him in a fight?

John: I dunno. I have no idea if he has gills or not. 

Albie: Gills!? You're not going to fight him underwater, son! 

Now that i think about it, John might have said skills. 

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Wilson said...

No...he said gills. Thats because she's dating a merman.