Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm just a lurve machine

Thus begins Bearly There! As opposed to bearly legal, which is a movie with bears and young women that you do not want to see. Trust me. 

There are seven pages total in this story, which i pencilled, inked and colored all by myself. Aren't i industrious? This was after i lost the PSD's for Nameless and Aimless, so i decided to return to using actual live pencils and such. Also, perhaps working in short story arcs. 

Lydia is a personal favorite character of mine, who first showed up in my Ambrose comics that i was drawing last year. She's what i like to call, an Action Scientist. Kinda like Indiana Jones, you know, how he's a doctor but still kicks arse and such. She's also the topmost authority on giant rainbow portals. 

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