Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watching daytime sports shows

So, i was home all day yesterday, feeling kind of sick. I found myself watching the sports show on tv, as i had no energy to get up and put a dvd on. This led to learn a whole lot about Russia and the golfing situation over there.

For a country of over six million square miles of land, they only have 6 established golf clubs. Six! I also learned about Maria Verchenova. Here is a picture of her.

In my delirious state i found myself trying to follow her most exquisite accent, which made the sports show about 300% more fun. Seriously sports shows, i want more exotic accents. Here is also a link here for more Maria goodness. She's seriously inspiring, and a pioneer of Russian golfing.

John also offered his reason why Russia doesn't have that many golfers. To quote: "it's fucking cold in Russia".

But i know the truth, i know that in Soviet Russia, Golf plays you.

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