Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leva! All is explained!

I didn't know that people who weren't from fiji could read this blog. Well, obviously i knew, but it never occured to me to explain the meanings of some of the slang that i use :P (apologies to the american friend and other non-pacific islanders)

First off, Wilson of Paradise Fiji Blog has a regular, slang of the week feature, which is quite handy if you want to be "in with the cool kids slang". Waaay back in october of last year, he did a post explaining the term "leva". 

Also, here is a picture i put together a while back. Hope that clears up some confusion ^_^


L.Cass said...

I don't think "Leva" means "sad"

Leva is more like...being Bitter about something towards someone...and then ignoring said someone.

"Hey you guys never been take me to the film with you gang... I Leva"

Anonymous said...

thank you..that cleared up heaps :P i'm going leva some one i using it in the right context? or does that just sound rude?