Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter

Was feeling a little down today. It's freezing out, i miss the noodle immensely, and i've been looking at too many other artists amazing illustrations.

Why do they even call it freaking global warming if its freezing outside? From now on, i'm calling it global cooling, join in the cause, i'll even make some t-shirt designs. Actually, that might be a good idea...


sharky said...

ever heard about...climate change.
that's the real deal.
(the japanese government is funding my thesis on that so yes, I was paid to say this.)

Albie said...

yeah, of course i've heard of it! but...its called global warming, its not fair that theres an umbrella term that doesnt take us southern hemisphere people into consideration :P

Ronna said...

big hugs for you this winter! soon it'll be summer again :-)

Nastybeby said...

winter in fiji? :o

its burning there. but agreed. count me in for global cooling...woot!