Friday, June 26, 2009

The kid is not my Son

So, went out tonight, kind of a guys night out sort of thing, because today was full of stuff that happened. I got a letter today from USP, which basically said "Onz". So starting from the end of next month i'm going to be a Uni student. Bring on the pain!

Also, The king of Pop passed away today, which was sad. Every fifth song tonight was either Thriller, Billie Jean or Beat it, which was nice, you know to acknowledge the man. He did some amazing stuff, vocally. And i was watching a couple of his performances on youtube this afternoon. The moonwalk is still awesome.

There was also some drama with an drunk man this evening. He accused Arjay, John and I of taking his beer and drinking it, and although i know it's not good to argue with drunk people, I got really, really offended. So i swore back =_=

Drunk man: you like drinking free beer!? Huh!?

Albie: Hey man, we're all drinking Gold here and your empty bottle is Bitter man, just calm down.

Drunk man: Fuck you, you look like a fucking poofta!

Albie: Fuck... Fuck you!

Drunk man pushes Albie, John steps in, to prevent Albie from unleashing his fury upon this unwitting fool.

Drunk man: Yeah, Fuck you, you poofta, you like drinking free beer huh!?

Albie: No, i like drinking my beer, it's delicious.

I know, I know, I am a silly fool.


sharky said...

/gasp! glad there was no blood shed.
also, gratz on ze usp 'onz'...academia is overrated but unfortunately, necessary for CV's, that usually, are only glanced at! go figure.
may ze force be with you.

Ronna said...

oi congrats on the USP thing yay! it's good pain :-)