Monday, October 19, 2009


No, not the shitty Kelly Rowland song (Sorry to all 3 of the Kelly Rowland fans out there, but Nelly was totally the best part of the song) but a serious problem I have.

My sister and I purchased this months Empire magazine, for two reasons. One, it had a big picture of Robert Downey Jr on the cover which symbolised the Sherlock Holmes feature that they had inside this month. Also, there was a kickass poster promised inside. The only fucked up thing, is that on one side, the poster is of Star Wars, it looks like this:

The other side is a poster of Jennifer's Body. It looks like this:

The dilemma, the conundrum, the very crux of the problem is...which side do I put up? Normally I wouldn't have a problem, but do I really like Star Wars more than boobies? And those shoes are kinda cute too.

Opinions people?


cieart said... another copy :D

Wilson said...

Jennifer's Body is just another hollywood hottie...

but Star forever.

Or you could just have Jennifer's Body showing and when you're 'done' turn it back to star wars ><

Bellerophontes said...


Laminate poster then punch hole on top and side so u can flip whenever u feel like :D