Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today I played with John's Warlock. That sentence, read on its own could be construed in a couple of ways, so let me clarify. Back in the day (and by that I mean last year? I think? Maybe a year and a half ago...) my friend John was an undead warlock going by the moniker of It. In the past year or so, he's also played a Priest and a Warrior, and now those two characters have reached the maximum level while his poor warlock has been stuck around the level seventy-ish mark.

Since my account was down, he let me play his account for a bit (which is terrible for account security! Imagine all the money I could have gotten by selling his account on eBay!) and I did a bit of questing as the Warlock. There a few differances between warlocks, and the class that I am most familiar with, the Mage.

Mages die a lot. Warlocks, not so much. Being a Mage is all about distance and controlling the battle. You see, we are a squishy class, unable to withstand being hit in the face with a large weapon before succumbing to grievious wounds. Warlocks however, have handy demonic pets, whose sole purpose is to take a beating while the Warlock burns their foe with unholy magicks.

If, somehow, the Warlock pulls aggro off of his pet, he has several options with a bad guy whaling on him. Fear, Drain Life, Health Stones, heck even their default buff gives them health back. Oh! Oh! And you can't run out of mana! If you're a good warlock this is impossible because you can convert health into mana!

A mage on the other hand, if his frost nova fails and if his blink is on cooldown has one option. Death.

Okay, not really, having played the class for a while now, I have to say that mages have quite a few escape mechanisms that make them quite slippery if played right. It's just that 'Locks have it so much easier :P

So, in honor of the rarely played Warlock It, I present this picture, what I been draw at McDonalds.
And today! She waved at me! What does that meeeean?


sharky said...

...that she was waving away...a fly?


its means she acknowledges your presence. you exist.


bigbear said...

it means she wants your cock. anyways nice to see locals blogging and even nice ya'll play wow. which server do you play on?

L.Cass said...

And what about Omega? Isn't he a cool warlock?

Also... fear and shizz don't work in raids.

Soul shatter FTW