Saturday, October 24, 2009


So with a little help from my sister (she has good eyes for letters, although she seems to see the word "rooted" everywhere for some reason, I knew I shouldn't have let her hang out with the Griff so much) I beat the last boss in Bookworm Adventures Volume 2. Woohoo me! And yes, my World of Warcraft account is down again. This explains my sudden interest in other games and my increase in comic output, for sure :P

Apparently, my highest scoring words were ones like regulators, marveled, and defecate. I don't know why I saw that word there in the tile box but there you go, it's on my high scoring word list. I'm pretty proud of pugilist though.

I'm off to try the Arena mode, which will probably be super hard!

Here's the second page of the Ambrose comic, it has energy blades in it!

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