Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Bosses should always be this hard.

So I'm kinda stuck on the last boss of Bookworm Adventures. That fucker has so many buffs and debuffing things on him that the whole bottom row of the battle screen is always full of bleeds and shields and shit. And then! The fucker sets my tiles on fire! I actually went to bed at 2 in the morning after trying about a billion times to beat him. The crap thing about that game is, you can't just keep trying over and over again, because you actually have to think about words to do damage.

I shall try again later today, and let you know how I go. Until then! I have been working on a new Ambrose comic. Wilson actually asked me yesterday, why I'm doing it. I have no idea at the moment, I just know that I have a few ideas that I want to draw. Also, John suggested a new coloring idea that I'm interested in. Kind of a saturated look for some of the pages, we'll see how it ends up :D

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