Monday, October 26, 2009

Inventing a Time Machine...please wait...

Definately need to work on mine, been neglecting the heck out of it. The thing is though, that if I do manage to finish it, I could just go back in time and give it to myself before I start. However, by causing a time loop I could be damning myself for the rest of eternity. Ah the problems we potential chrononauts must face.

Also, instead of inking another page last night, I colored two. This was because I got home to find the page I had penciled had been scribbled on by my housegirls grandkid. When I get my own house with my own drawing room, I will put a big ass lock on it. And a sign. That says "No Kids, Fuck off."

It took me a long time to draw angry Ambrose. I mean, he's supposed to be really mad, his friend just got shot and such but I don't have much practice at drawing angry people. I hope I managed to get that across with the art >_<

Speaking of travel in the more fun dimensions, methinks this is the first time I've drawn Ambrose traveling inter-dimensionally. The Exile (evil bad man) has a slightly different way of traveling than the other baddies, in my head anyway. Picture big gloopy black stuff, an interdimensional insulator if you will, that lets you move yourself or other things between dimensions. As opposed to the clean portals that are more common, powered by refractions through crystals. Yes, I think too much about this sort of thing.

Also, textures make my job so much easier.

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