Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blown away.

The view from my driveway.

So, I've been stuck inside for the last couple of days due to ( surprise, surprise) Hurricane Tomas. Or is that Cyclone Tomas (Thank gawd its not Cylon Tomas, or we wouldn't even be able to tell unless it was too late) I always get the mixed up and I'm usually not bored enough to go and check out what the gosh darn difference is.

Most of my inside time has been spent looking outside at the wind whip through the trees and then alternating between reading webcomics and working on sideprojects. I have also managed to find many webcomics that are NSFW.

Here are some links if you have time to kill and would like to kill with some webcomic goodness.

White Ninja Comics: Classic stuff, found this one back when I worked in a radio station and they recently celebrated their 1000th strip.

Curvy: (NSFW!) Billed as a sexy sci-fi adventure comic for adults, this comic is full of um...boobs. And...yeah. The story is quite good in a weird way. It has people made out of liqorice.

Optipress: A slightly melancholy look at life from Norwegian Kristian Nygard. His name has one of those fancy things over the "a", but I don't know how to make that.

A Softer World: Photographs! Seemingly sentimental words with an ironic twist! (usually) Some of these are simply brilliant.

I shall now return to my lair, scuttling away from the whirling winds outside like a crustaceous like thing. Pincers snip snapping.

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John Michaels said...

It's cyclone. I checked.
People get the idea that a hurricane is like a stronger cyclone or something.

Quotes from the internets: "Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons are all essentially the same thing, they simply receive different names depending on where they occur."

We in fiji use the aussie standard. ie. cyclone.

I'm certain that the cylons use the term "hurricane"... so listen carefully.