Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It don't get much dumber than trying to forget a girl when you love her

Yes, I went to school with silhouettes.

Todays extra long blog post title comes to you via the awesome sounds of OK go. Which I really think should be spelled OK Go! With an exclamation mark.

Spent some of today with my mummy, who just got back from Amrika (America to you uneducated folks). She looked pretty tired, but I'm sure she had fun working. mind, I'm sure she had a great time.

I spent the rest of today mucking around town paying bills and hanging out with Sharky. I told her the saga of my rivalry with this girl I had back in High School. I was in like, Form 4 at the time and for some reason, she didn't like me very much. I think it might have something to do with what happened in the comic. But I was young, impressionable, and would do anything for five dollars.

So, not much has changed.

I totally forgot to put a bonus panel in todays comic. My bad guys, my bad.


sharky said...
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sharky said...

I really liked the bit where you poured a bucket of dirty water over her!

also, did you have a rivalry with a girl back in high school...
or did you have a girl back in high school.

just checking :P

Albie said...

Sharky shhh! You'll spoil todays comic for everyone!

L.Cass said...

I gave you OK Go :P

See how I inspire?