Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fashion Concious

Yes, that conversation really happened. I like to think that my mum and I bonded a little bit over the weekend. And yes, we do gang up on the sister sometimes. Hopefully no one notices that there is no comic for the 27th of March, this is mainly because nothing of note happened to me on Saturday. Seriously, it's like a blank day for me. If possible, could I have that day back? I think if I got a second chance at it I could seriously kick some arse.


The trailer for the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World movie is out. The comic is full of win. The movie looks like it will be full of win. Watch the trailer, you owe it to yourself. Also, if you have the chance you should totally read the comic.

1 comment:

sharky said...

tis full of win. i am glad someone else agrees.

wuv u!

yes, show of emotion at 6 in the morning while intoxicated is full of WIN :)