Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Awesome Beach Adventure

So I watched them swim while I masturbated on the shore. I bluff! Heh...heh...

So, there were plans to go to beach today, but work interfered and I was fully expecting to not go. I was going to sit at home and get some work out of the way so that I wouldn't have to rush everything tomorrow and friday. Most of it is due by Friday this week, with a whole bunch more due by Friday next week. However, I don't think I had steeled this idea in my head enough, because it was just too easy to convince me to go to Deuba.

The beach was good fun, I didn't swim because I had my work clothes on (Long sleeved paisley shirt, pinstripe trousers and checkered trilby. That's right, I defy clothes that match!) but I did kind of lounge all over the beach. And I claimed a stick as my own. Oh! And found lil' Penguini, which is the cutest rock ever. I shall save him for tomorrows post.

Edit: Full credit to Mr. Lawrence Cass for his hilarious jokes that were the inspiration for the Captain Human America Torch picture and the Raptor in the long Grass post. Without him, I wouldn't be half as funny :P

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sharky said...

best. decision. ever.