Saturday, August 7, 2010

Delicious Food and Advice for the Ladies

This Friday was pretty rad. I spent the last week in a whirlwind of work and extracurricular activities that quite frankly has left me a little drained. In a purely mental sense though. Unfortunately.

Anyway, I thought that I would share a recipe that was handed down to me a long time ago. I call it:

The Awesome BC Sub

Serves: 4 normal people, or 2 MANLY MEN

You will need:
1 long loaf
some bacon (I used about 300 grams, which was A LOT of bacon)
an onion or two
likewise, a tomato or two
cheese. lots of cheese.

Fry your onions first, until browned slightly, and then throw in your bacon. I had bacon bits, so they didn't get too crunchy, but with rashers you have to wait until the edges are nice and crunchy.

When your bacon is done, place it on the bottom slice of your long loaf (You did butter your long loaf right?) and then create your layers. It's always fun to experiment a little bit with the layers, but remember that the foundation of bacon (or meat) is the most important part. In this occasion, the layers were bacon, cheese, tomato, some more cheese, a light layer of bacon and then some more cheese and the a light smattering of tomato.

Heat up the ol' oven and pop it in there. To gauge the time I usually throw the other slice of long loaf in there and wait until it's toasted. By then, the cheese should be nice and melted. It should end up looking something like this:

Here's a shot which shows off some of the layers.

Once the food has been chopped up into manageable bits (Although real men simply devour it whole) pour yourself a drink, sit down and prepare for gastronomical delight.

Some advice for Ladies: If you prepare this sandwich for a man, he will probably instantly fall in love with you. And if you prepare this for another man...

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