Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey Al, Whatcha Playing?

Been watching a lot of HAWP lately. For no reason at all.

Anyway, I finally took the plunge (and by that I mean remembered to get while in the vicinity of my computer) the fan translation for Mother 3.

The weird thing is, there's no actual english translation for the game, which was released for the Gameboy Advance back in 2006, but the lovely people over at worked hard and have a patch that translates the game into a language I can understand, and quite well at that!

I'm not actually up to this part yet, OMG SPOILERS.

So far, I've been digging this game more than a fat kid digs cake, the sprites are amazingly well animated, the perspective is fresh (mainly because it's different from every other RPG I've played and finished) and the battle system is pretty rad. I can say this because I was up until one in the morning playing this game even when I knew I had work the next day.

At some point in the first chapter, the main character recieves some awful news about his wife, and loses it. Lashing out at his friends around him and smashing a bonfire with his bare fists. All of this is animated in tiny little sprites but you empathize with the guy.

I'm looking forward to playing through this game so much I've pretty much been watching the clock ever since I got the office. But for now, I'll work, watch some HAWP and psyche myself for my return to the Nowhere Isles.

Also! Coming soon we have stories from last weekend, where Albert went to the police station, the beach and stood up in the aisle of the Lautoka Express.

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