Sunday, August 22, 2010


These events take place on Saturday the 21st of August.

So I caught a cab down to town to meet the guys before heading down to Sigatoka. The cab driver, one of the chatty ones named Jay, picked me up and as he weaved his way through the streets of Suva, we got to talking about Hibiscus. Good fun.

As we passed MHCC, a Honda CRV suddenly pulled out in front of us, without indicating I might add. Immediately, Jay hits the brakes and horn. A resounding "magaichinana" was heard and the CRV took off.

"Man, look at this fullah, swearing like that." Jay muttered.
"Yeah, some people aye?" I agreed.

A full thirty seconds later, Jay was pulling up to the traffic lights when he spotted the CRV. Stupidly, he begins to pull up next to the truck.

"Look at him, I wanna see his face."

The driver,a huge Fijian guy was in the front, a lady (probably his wife) was next to him and there were a couple of kids in the back.

As soon as he sees Jay pull up next to him, the guy loses it, and immediately begins swearing at the top of his lungs.

An artists impression.

"Don't swear at me! You were in the wrong, bro!"

Even from where I was sitting, I could see that this was not a good thing to say.

"What? Fuck you!"

The guy gets out of his car in the middle of the street, walks over to Jays window (swearing the whole time) and spits right into Jay's face.

"What the? What the hell man?" Jay says.
"Tell me not to swear, eh?"

Suddenly the guy reaches in through the window, grabs the back of Jays head and slams it into the steering wheel twice. Bam! Fuck! Bam! You! Spits once more on the back of his head for good measure, and hops into his car with a parting "motherfucker!"

This whole time I'm sitting in the backseat, wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do. This guy is huge, angry, and would probably make mincemeat out of me. I did manage to squeak out a "Please sir, don't do that" at some point through.

After it's all over, we sit there. Jay gripping the back of his head and me in stunned silence.

Then we went to the police station.

And that is story of Albert going to the police station on saturday morning.

Also, at some point I pressed publish instead of save while typing this. Mainly because this is angry typing, and my fingers tend to fly everywhere when I do that.

The thing is, that guy was in the car, with his family. What the fuck was going though his head at the time? On a scale of one to ten he must have been about a thousand on the Bad Day scale. Regardless violence, when not in self defense, is never justified.


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