Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's that time of the year again. That time that is comparable to Christmas and The Feast of the Shadow Spinner. In some ways it's even better than Christmas, because candyfloss and ferris wheels are in abundance. You don't see people setting up candyfloss stalls during Christmas, oh no, instead they have horribly commercialized advertising and so called "sales".

Yes, it's Hibiscus Time! I love Hibiscus because it makes for great stories.

Sadly (hopefully) I won't be in town for the opening weekend of Hibiscus because of a super awesome trip that has been planned. Yes, there will be photographs.

Regardless, you should go out and enjoy the carnival. There will be the aforementioned candyfloss, there will be varied food for sale and my oh my there will be Royalty on the streets of Suva. Also, fucking FERRIS WHEELS.

Remember to stay safe though! Never go to Hibiscus alone (or anywhere with huge crowds) because let's be honest, it's a better experience to go with friends and family. Also, Hibiscus does tend to bring out the crazies.

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sharky said...

don't forget the Twister ride! (and being crushed into a corner by strangers)
Also, enjoy the trip to ze ocean. wish i were there.