Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Busy Times

I've been thinking about it, whether or not I prefer being starved for work with lots of free time, or loaded with work and no free time. There really is no comparison. I like earning money too much.

However, all this busy-ness has taught me the value of time management and scheduling. I've had to break out the diary to plan appointments, write down pending work and record work that I've completed. It really does save a lot of hair-pulling when it comes to it.

Also, it allows me to schedule free time for myself. I have blocked out the next four fridays as "Party Drink" time. Even then, they are in pencil, because I also have a whole bunch of recipes I now want to work on.

This post is short, and lacking in content. But it makes up for it with a picture of Psyduck (he wants your bad romance).

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