Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying out New Things

Recently, I switched computers at work. The one that I'm using now is like...eleventy times better than the one I used to work on, mainly because it has CS5 on it. Now I know, I'm not usually swayed by fancy new features and stuff. I still use CS3 at home because it works fine, and my pc can handle it.

Anyway, today I did a little experiment with the mixer brushes, which is a brand spanking new feature. (Along with many many other things)Don't get excited, this is the base layer. I picked it because it's got a whole bunch of different colors and I wanted to see how they would mix together (and whether Adobe would impress me)
Here's what it looked like after going at it with the mixer brush. Bear in mind that I left my wacom tablet at home, so this was done with the mouse.

And then I kinda lost the plot and made some swirly lines. I really like how the colors blended though (the purple and gray as well as the orange and yellow). Now I just need to find an excuse to use the mixer brush more.

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