Sunday, August 1, 2010

I got my totem right here.

Here's a piece of work I've done that's slightly work related. In that it relates to a system to help you organize your work, while at the same time, it has unicorns and mermaids. Also elves (elfs?).

Last week thursday there was a short at my house, which resulted in me not having any electricity for the weekend. It was awful. I couldn't watch television! Or check my email! From the comfort of my house!

It was like living in the dark ages (ha HA).

I did manage to catch up on a lot of sleep though. The slack thing is, that the power came back on on Sunday night, and I kind of freaked out and decided to stay up until two in the morning doing things. Which resulted in all that sleep I had accumulated being wasted.

Also, finally got to see Inception! I was amazed that the comic I drew about it was actually pretty relevant. I liked it, the film I mean, but then again I'm a sucker for sci fi. Mr. Nolan did an amazing job shooting that thing, and everyone is raving about it for a reason. I will admit that I was slightly proud that I didn't get lost along the way when it came to the plot.

Other cool things that happened over the weekend include the Handover event for Rotaract which I attended. I kinda had to, seeing as how they made me Secretary. I even got a shiny new badge. Also, Kania Na Yalo Bula made it to the papers! How badass is that?

Unfortunately, the Online article doesn't have the fan-tastic photo of Wilson in it.

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