Friday, November 7, 2008

All aboard the late train!

so i finally finished Kingdom Hearts 2. Arjay was kind enough to loan me his playstation two, and i got to finish the game i should've completed in 2005. i remember saving up for an original copy of the first Kingdom Hearts, simply because it was a collabaration between two of my favorite things. First off, it's Final Fantasy ( which i love ) and it's Disney (who's films never dissapoint, unless we count the shoddy sequels, which i am willing to forgive for now).

I bought Kingdom Hearts way back in 2002, when it came out, for a whopping price of 120 dollars. i was 13, that was a lot of weekends of saving up. it came with a full on walkthrough/ art book, and i played it to death. we're talking get your characters to level 99 to death, which i rarely do nowdays. i played that game so much that Goofy could kick heartless arse all on his own.

That's right, Goofy is a badass. The Disney worlds in part two still feel fresh and clean after 4 years, particularly Port Royal, the Pirates of the Carribean world ( yes, Jack Sparrow joins the party! woo!). And the combat is Reflexive and neat. Also, it tends to look very very cool, despite the fact that you're spamming three buttons over and over again. The option is there for deep combat though if you want, i mean you could guard attacks, juggle enemies and use magic effectively.

And Donald is just the best Black Mage ever. And the fanboy moments! oooh boy the fanboy moments.

the battle of Hollow Bastion served to fill me with an electric tingle as Cloud, Squall, Tifa and Yuffie all fought heartless at Soras side.


Even the Gullwings from FFX-2 are in it! my sister gave a pretty high pitched squee when those three showed up :P

Admittedly! i do have gripes with the story. when you take away the Final Fantasy and Disney bits, it's a sort of solid, yet sappy tale about hearts, friendship and the meaning of existence. however, after playing the game for about two days straight i was kind of pondering the meaning of The realms of Darkness and Kingdom Hearts. Also, would it hurt to have a kiss at the end? i mean come on! this is a Disney game! let the guy get a peck on the cheek at least!

As with lots of Square games lately, there are three spin offs planned for next year, none of them a proper sequel. One of em is a DS game that follows Organization XIII (the big bad fellas of part 2) around, another is a PSP game that has some Keyblade knights in it set 10 years before the events of part 1 and the last one is a fricking mobile phone game. yes, a mobile phone game. it's like bloody Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis all over again for me.

I have just gotten off the late train, and the ride was fine :)

also, some Undead warrior named Edd hit level 70 in the past few days, i wasn't really paying attention.


Anonymous said...

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Wilson said...

gratz on finishing both KH2 and edd to 70 ;)