Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How did i not know about this game?

Final Fantasy: DISSIDIA for the PSP. How did i not know about this? Basically it's Square-Enix's answer to Super Smash Bros. They're taking a whole bunch of heroes and villains from their extraordinary long line of games and making a platform for you to live out your fanboy dreams of who would win in a fight between Cloud Strife and Squall. Or Sephiroth and Squall...or...

Basically, they're taking one villain and one hero from each of the Final Fantasy games up until 10. So you've got 20 playable brawlers (and not to mention the unlockable crap that has to be in it, as if it wasn't awesome enough already) whom you can choose from. I haven't been able to find out if they're all available from the get-go though. I'm not too excited about playing Kuja from FF9 (he was the very ghey bad guy by the way) but aww yeah, bring on the Cloud vs. The Warrior of Light.

Kefka is in it! And he looks...creepy. When you're playing a game where the main villain is a sprite, its a little hard to get creeped out by this evil clownlike figure (yes, he is the joker of final fantasy) but i was. Now he's in 3D! and i can kick his ass. again.

Hey, Noodle! Borrow your PSP for this one mada :P

Website here: [link] i wish i knew Japanese...

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sharky said...

you dont worry, you give me one month, i can translate for you. no problem (wait, why am i writing in a chinese accent..sheesh! oh yeah, and make that one year)