Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Basics

haven't made one of those in a while...perhaps i shall try and sell it to weekly publications >_>

also! my sister been get the Ultima Weapon for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2, and the Save the Queen for Donald. That's his ultimate weapon by the way. Goofy is depressed because he doesn't have his, but we shall work on that.

Yeah, being broke-ish means i spent the whole weekend at home! yay! Mostly was spent killing my body with those little sticks and playing vidjagames with my sister. The house was very quiet because the cousins were in Waikalou with their mum. It was a pleasent change, but i missed the little knee-biters ( can't call em ankle-biters anymore because they are too big).

In more KH news, Sephiroth is a boci. Like, the biggest boci of them all. Here is a picture of him. Lookit me an' mah super long swooord!

He is...harder than the last boss, so i think i must defeat him in order to prove to myself that i have finished that bloody game. An example of how hard he is: oh look, i have failed to block a single attack that he made...oh fuck! my health! sweet merciful Curaga where has health gone!

you also have to fight him one-on-one with no Drive techniques (a special move where you "merge" with a party member...yeah, "merging" with Goofy is weird), no limit breaks and no hope.

because he is a boci.


sharky said...

meanie! what did dementia tate do to deserve such a (non) mention ..hmpf. rude!

Albie said...

hey, if the girl tried some new scents apart from ham and chicken luncheon, mebbe she wouldn't get that sorta stuff from people :P