Monday, November 3, 2008

The times, they are a-changing

with an Axe. i know, i know, i spend way too much time playing this game. actually, i spend too much time playing Edd when i should be paying attention to he-who-changes-his-hairstyle-everytime-i-log-in Seedus.

You see, Edd has decided that he loves Nagrand. It's a pretty, almost Super-marioish place, with floating chunks of earth hanging in the sky, often with little waterfalls running off them into the air. Don't ask me how they get the water back onto the floating bits.

Occasionally, after times of Ogre genocide he sends the cloth and random bits of equipment he finds to his good buddy Seedus. I recently logged onto Seed, and...he had a lot of cloth.

But enough of this WoW talk, let us talk of other things, like music and art and culture. or maybe just music.

I recently acquired a Best of Bob Dylan album. I don't know what really made me do this, i guess i was pining for some soft tunes, after getting tired of the alternative stuff i seem to be listening to alot of lately. This morning, i let it play while i was doing some feminist work and...i was transported back to the good old days.

Riding in my dads green morris minor, with the CD player on, singing along to Forever Young and Blowing in the Wind. I must have been about 10 or 11. Thats where the music takes me, and it's a safe warm place.yeah, sawn off shotguns are fun to draw. took me forever to get them right, can you tell?

I've been thinking about Noodle a lot lately. Good thoughts, you know. I dunno, i've been pretty sad lately for some reason, thoughts of my dad and noodle and people who i miss are usually up in there in my head. I'm glad i've got some work to do now though. Keep those hands busy and all that.Halloween was fun, i went as a generic cowboy man. Complete with sixshooters and authentic cowboy sneakers. Everyone had such a good time, i wonder why we don't dress up in costume every weekend :P

yeah, there was one point, when we went to Traps, where i was returning to my friends when a lady stopped me, she looked very drunk, and was old-ish. looking deep into my eyes, she said " i like your hat" and pulled down my bandanna. she stared at me for a full five seconds, before turning and leaving without a word. My stunning visage had rendered her virtually speechless. i wasn't slightly depressed by this at all.

Hopefully, when we i get some photo's i will post em up. Because how often do i get to dress up?

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Wilson said...

She wanted to bang you but upon her closer inspection her beer goggles cleared ;)