Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's not dark yet...but it's getting there

i couldn't sleep last night... felt like there was a weight behind my eyes.

things happen to people all the time. good things, bad things, thing things. i know that i've lead a relatively short life so far, but some very bad things have happened to me. some of them are things i can't even talk about, and thinking about them still makes my soul turn into steel. some of them i have taken for granted, because that's the way i deal with them. my parents, for one, sometimes i wonder about them, and about love.

my father, he found love again, and he was happy. not completely happy, there were regrets, and there was a lot of sadness in his life as well. but my stepmum took that sadness from him the vast majority of the time, i could tell from their smiles. losing him was one of those bad things.

there are other things too, that have happened to me that i don't know if i can ever share. horrible things. i know it isn't good to keep them inside you, these horrible things, but theres a part of me that's scared that if i let them out, no one would ever love me again. yes, they're that bad.

screams, shouts, broken plates and glasses.

i like to think that we're all messed up in our own way. the wonderful thing about being here on this planet are the people, the good ones and the grey ones and the not so good ones. we all learn from each other, and keep each others demons at bay. figuratively speaking of course.

This is turning out to be a really emo post for some reason >_<

anyway, got published in Fiji Times today, they didn't edit my article that much, which is good! usually they mix up phrases and stuff that i write. they even left in the part where i talk about giant sand covered women :)

will post up the article here tomorrow, so you can all laugh at my writing skeelz.

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