Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Fantasy Twelve a-go-go

So i got an english copy of Final Fantasy 12. This is opposed to the japanese version i bought last week, that was a bit of a retardation on my part. I loaded up the game last night, and settled down to try it out. Finally got to sleep at around 3 this morning =_=

It is...awesome. One of my favorite games in the series was Tactics (the one on the playstation, not the slightly watered down one on the gameboy), and 12 is a lot like it in depth and feel. Hopefully the story doesn't fall apart at the end like it did in Tactics, but what i've seen so far is promising. A lot of politics and revolution and effeminate boys running around in deserts trying to level up. Good times ^_^

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the hang of the Gambit system though. Basically you write a program for your party members to follow in battle. For example, if an ally has less than 70% HP, you can write a gambit for a character to toss a potion to the wounded party member. That's the apex of my knowledge so far, but i'm going to try and get my mind wrapped around it.

The graphics by the way, hold up well, and the FMV's are gorgeous. I was surprised with the regularity at which they occur in the story, and then i remembered...this is Final Fantasy :) 

The characters have European accents! Balthier the sky pirate sounds like James Bond for some reason, and he travels the skies in his airship with his companion Fran. Who is a bunny girl. A bunny girl. 

Imma go and play some more now. 

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