Monday, November 10, 2008

Peanabean! Peanabean! Peanabeeeean!

Everyone is blogging about bean lately. So yeah, went to see Fiji Times yesterday. I don't want to talk about anything in case it gets jinxed, so imma hold up on that. Also, you remember a certain silver haired swordsman i found difficult to defeat yesterday? Consider him defeated ^_^

Sephy put up a good fight, like he always does, but eventually the better man prevailed. I remember the first time i beat Sephiroth in Final Fantasy was a very proud moment in my young life, so beating him again ( for the third time technically) was pretty nostalgic. Square knows how to hit those heartstrings :P

Also! grats to the Bati for beating Ireland! Although technically i'm part Irish-gypsy i feel sommat akin to those leprechaun lovers.

This is a relatively short post.

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