Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Bye Kaite!

i think i might have had the longest weekend ever. Friday was...strangely long. I can remember beginning the evening as per usual, with the gang at Bad Dog. There were drinks, and much merry making, (not too many for me though, gotta watch the liver and all that) and then Griff showed up and surprised everyone. We went for Karaoke, sang songs and laughed at the new television commercial with some constipated fuck in it. 'Twas quite hilarious, if i do say so myself.

Some people went home, some went to traps. Since it was kinda early-ish i decided to also go to traps. I also wanted to hang out with Griff, because i missed him. Ended up bumping into Ronron and Kait and their gang there, as well as a couple of my juniors from high school. I'm always slightly amused when i see people younger than me drinking. It's like, awww, i used to see you awkardly hang out with your little friends, look at you all grown up. 

At the end of the night, Griff, Arjay, Wilson and i tried to get a taxi. It was pissing down with rain and for some reason there seemed to be an awful lot of competition for taxis. The fact that we probably looked like drunken, wet fucks might not have helped. Long story short, Wilson and I ended up walking home at three in the morning from town. Emo much? 

I awoke in a strange couch the next afternoon. The reason that it was strange was because i was sleeping in the opposite direction to how i normally sleep on the couch. For a full minute i wondered where i was, and then it hit me that i must have been really tired the night before. That afternoon, i met up with Griff in town to get stuff ready for Kaites farewell party...and Rejis birthday party....and some other stuff too, it was one of them combination deal partys. Fiji was also playing rugby that night, we might have been celebrating that too.

Griff and i sat on the benchs at Terry Walk while we waited for John to arrive with his (sharkys) flash card, so that we could buy cheaper beer. Yes, we are that broke. It was interesting conversation, we talked about women, and how god is lazy with sunsets sometimes, and the strange bond between man and cars. He ate Tim-Tams, i smoked a couple of cigarettes. 

It was funny buying that carton from the shops, because as we were buying them Griff pointed out to the cashier that cigarettes harm unborn babies. taking the packet from the receptacle, the cashier studied the bold lettering on it intently. With complete seriousness, she declared that these cigarettes didn't hurt unborn babies, and instead only caused heart disease. She was either a comic genius or an idiot. Because i am a nice guy, i'm going to assume the former. 

We arrived at Ronrons place, and had the usual food and merry-making. Went out to the clubs again (oh my poor feet) where they had some competition thing going on. The plan was to stay up until 7Am so that we could see Kaite off in her taxi. The girls would of course take her to the bus and see her off, but i wasn't going to do that...i mean staying up until seven in the morning is enough. So we did, i was pretty proud of my stamina, seeing as how i'm usually asleep at ten-ish anyway. Imma miss that crazy hippy chick, her robot loving antics are always entertaining. 

I think i'm going to go back to bed now. 


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in transit said...

your antics are equally entertaining, and i miss your guts.