Saturday, November 22, 2008

What me, worry?

I have been unhealthily uncreative lately. spending too much time playing Final Fantasy 12 and not enough time drawing and writing :P 

This will change after i have finished it of course, but in the meantime theres a part of me saying, oy, do some drawing you git. So i drew a shark guy and some armor bits for him. It was good fun ^_^

The Carchari are the warrior class of the Sharkpeople, and are especially chosen to protect the Carcharadon. At a young age their tails are amputated and they are trained in the ways of combat. Since they do not have tails, they are more manouverable than their other sharkpeople brethren, and many normal sharkpeople find it difficult to fight them. The disadvantage to this is that they are much slower when it comes to swimming, they're trained in the use of ranged weapons such as bows and stuff though to compensate. 


L.Cass said...

But with out their tales they'd be useless underwater. What if there is a threat coming from the water?

"Their tail provides thrust and so speed and acceleration"

sharky said...

sharks are cool. fyi.