Monday, November 24, 2008

Rar! It'sa Dragon!

Did the above in about ten minutes in between drawing little children inside of peapods. Some people have strange fetishes.

Yeah, so i've been doing some more work with the Pod people, as well as the Feminist Propaganda and the random jobs that Art and Soul (or Fart and Hole as a certain member of my family is wont to quote) have given me. So for an unemployed bum i've been pretty busy. Who says semi-employment can't pay the bills?

i do, because quite frankly it doesn't =_=

But, i am not one to bitch, i'm pretty healthy, good looking, and articulate to boot. So it's not as if i everything isn't going my way. Have seriously considered spending money on the Wrath of the Lich King when my pay comes in this weekend. I mean, i've come this far. I might as well, as master chief says, Finish the fight.

Grandma turns 70 tomorrow, she's a tough old bird that one is. Apart from berating me on my nicotine addiction, she thinks the world of me. I must purchase her something nice, and at the very least make her a nice card. Thank gawd the Pod people paid me today or i'd have no money with which to buy her things.

Oh yeah, and i'm going to be in a commercial for toilet paper. The depths to which i sink. 


Nongkyndong said...

smoking is gay

Wilson said...

lol@smoking comment ><

And don't knock the makes tp cool ... because i made the ad :P

Albie said...

i have this feeling that you and my grandma would get on like a house on fire noodle :P

a house on fire because someone forgot to put out their cigarette properly

sharky said...

back track....

nicotine addiction?! which idiot introduced you to the cancer stick! tsk tsk tsk.

tp ad?!
email ad..kthanxbye.