Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alligator colors, shotglasses and thread

So i bought me some alligator colors at the MHCC while i was searching for birthday candles for my grandmas cake. The family could not find candles anywhere, and so i was assigned the quest of finding them. I was this close to buying 70 candles, seeing as how she turned 70, but instead i bought 24 and some colors. It's been a while since i colored anything by hand, but i'm pretty happy with how these turned out. I still need a lot of work! 

yeah, i made my gran a card and bought her a shot glass. Well, it was either that or an ashtray, and i don't think she would have appreciated that joke as much. You may say, Hey, why would you buy a seventy year old a shotglass? 

You shouldn't say that.

Instead you should be asking, what do you get a seventy year old. In her many years my grandmother has aquired all manner of items, goods and knick knacks. There is nothing that i could buy her that she probably doesn't already have. 

Me: Gran, i bought you this amazing Dragons Egg, i had to journey to the Kingdom of the Aethrazids to purchase it, the journey was long and arduos but yea, i did prevail.

Grandma: Oh i have one those, picked it up in 1967 at a garden fair in Lautoka.

Me: /facepalm

So i got her a shotglass. Thats the short story. 

I also got my eyebrow done today. It hurt like the dickens. But so far, two seperate women have told me i look pretty. It is still up in the air whether this is a good or a bad thing. 


Wilson said...

Those two women just want to get into your pants >.>

L.Cass said...

Where's Omega?

cieart said...

By "got my eyebrow done" you mean threaded? How very metro sexual.

Albie said...

Metrosexual indeed ^_^